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Shipping Information

Shipping Information


Usually shipped same business day payment received. We ship for a flat rate of mailing through Canada Post. All Books are wrapped securely for protection.

Shipping Cost In Canada

One book in Canada $4.50 CDN.

Instruction Manual in Canada $5.25 CDN.

Two or more books add $1.00 CDN for each extra book.

Shipping Cost To United States

One Book to United States $6.00 CDN.

Instructional Manual to the United States $7.60 CDN.

Two or more books add $2.00 CDN for each extra book.

Countries outside Canada and United States

One Book (except Instructional Manual) less then 200 g $7.90 CDN.

Instructional Manual Vol. 17, (over 200 g) $10.90 CDN.

Two to five books including manual (over 200 g up to 500 g) $20.60 CDN.

Please contact us for shipping costs for purchases over five books.

Please contact us at for multiple book purchase discounts.

Compact Seven Button Accordion Books

One book in Canada $2.75 CDN.

One book to United States $4.25 CDN.

Outside Canada and United States $5.90 CDN.

We offer discount Specials For Two Or More Books

Customers outside Canada and The United States can save on shipping when buying two or more books. There is a dramatic rise in Canada Post shipping costs over 200 grams outside Canada and the US.

Thanks for asking.

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