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Christmas 1998, that's when My wife Phyllis gave me a double row button accordion. A few years earlier, for some forgotten reason I sold the one I had. I regretted it from the moment it left my hands.

Still in my memory, at the age of fourteen, is playing waltzes at a party in the large kitchen of our house at The Battery, a small and then mostly fishing village in the entrance of St. John's Harbour. I was not allowed to play for a set of Lancers or other dance sets. The fear was that I would fool up, spoil a set and bring on the wrath of the Old Timers. So I had to settle for a rough callused old hand hauled across my head, every now and then, and a "Well done young fella".

I had trouble remembering some, no a lot, of tunes so we went for help at O'Brien's Music Store a few days after Christmas day. The O'Brien's knew of only button accordion book written in musical notes. And I, like others, didn't read music! They said there was a need for a Play By Numbers Book to help the button accordion tradition in Newfoundland. Since I had some time on my hands the suggestion was made that I should Write one.

One year later I could read and transpose the musical notes into numbers. Nine months later, no we didn't have a baby, the first book was published and distributed to three music stores in St. John's. I never dreamt that fourteen years, a twenty-seven volume series, servicing music stores across Canada, selling books as far away as Australia, thousands of books sold and hundreds of letters and emails of appreciation later we'd have our own Web site and ebay store.

My wife Phyllis and I are looking to the future. Although in some respects we are living in the past, that is when it comes to how we treat friends and customers. It may sound corny but it's true. We believe in following the Golden Rule, "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you". So expect to be treated fairly, honestly and courteously in your dealings with us. If you like our books and our fast courteous service please tell others. If you find something not to your liking in that regards please tell us. We're only too glad to try and fix it.

May you have calm seas and the wind at your back.

Bill and Phyllis

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