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Learnin' The Button Accordion 'The Complete Wannabees Manual'

Learnin' The Button Accordion 'The Complete Wannabees Manual'

Volume #17

ISMN #M-706038-05-6
ISBN #0-9734674-9-5

Hard Copy

Price: $24.95 CDN
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Song List

  • Lower and higher scales
  • Twinkle Twinkle
  • The Squid Jiggin' Grounds
  • The Tiny Red Light
  • The Rose Of Tralee
  • The Star Of Logy Bay
  • Cock Of The North (jig)
  • Scales Jig
  • Boston City
  • The Moonshiner
  • I'll Tell Me Ma
  • Now I'm sixty-four
  • Mussels In The Corner (reel)

Benefits of using our button accordion book

  • You don’t have to know how to read music.
  • Button accordion Instructional book is written like music book except numbers replace music notes.
  • Accordian book is written for the beginner or those who play by ear.
  • Easy way for beginners or experience players to learn/play 100s of tunes.
  • Compatible to all 1, 2 or 3 row diatonic button accordions.
  • Instructions are in a easy to read format, learn and play from with running comments to aid in the learning process.
  • This button accordion music book contains 44 pages of instructions to help you play these tunes.
  • It is a basic fundament principle of how to play the button accordion starting with the lower scales “Do Re Me Fa So La Ti Do. Then onto nursery rhymes, 3/4 waltzes, a Jig & a reel and onto how to play the bass.
  • The student is then led into learning the upper scales and playing tunes in the upper scales.
  • Our play by number diatonic button accordion books contain a variety of traditional tunes including Irish tunes, Newfoundland tunes, Scottish songs, Jigs & reels, Hymns & Christmas Carols plus others.
  • It has two companion CDs. in the keys of C and D.
  • Each tune is recorded twice on each Cd. A slow version for learning and a medium tempo for practice
  • It measures 8 1/2 by 11 inches and is spinal bound.

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